"Gripping --- captures the hope that the real Eva always has made a priority in her messages."

                                                      --------- TheVindicator

"A stirring performance --- embodies the inspirational Schloss with humility and heartfelt honesty."



What is "Images?"

"IMAGES: Remembrances of the Holocaust - THE EVA SCHLOSS STORY

by J.E.Ballantyne, Jr., is a powerful one-woman show about Eva Schloss; the childhood friend and posthumous step-sister of diarist, Anne Frank.  Told in a retrospective style with accompanying multi-media, the show takes the audience through Eva's life from when she was a child in Vienna, Austria, through her harrowing days spent in Auschwitz and up to the present day as she travels the world speaking about her experiences.

The play takes place in the attic of Eva's London home as she is interviewed by an unseen (pre-recorded) reporter.  Her life unfolds before the audience and is augmented by live-action actor videos of people in Eva's life as well as historical images punctuating important events of her past as Adolf Hitler gained power and forced her family into hiding.

Captured and sent to Auschwitz, the audience "travels" with her through the horrific death camp.  But survival and libertion does not end the ordeal for Eva and her mother as they are unsure of what has happened to Eva's father and brother who were sent on the forced march to Mauthausen.

This tour-de-force performance brings the audience into Eva's home and her life.  They learn that the horrors of the Holocaust did not end upon their freedom from the camp but continued for many years as they struggled to begin a new life.

But most importantly, the audience gains an understanding of how and why the Holocaust happened, how hate and bigotry fueled the fires started by Hitler and how all of us, can combat the evils that created such an event.

Eva's story is an inspirational and educational experience for people of all ages.  As we lose Holocaust survivors at a rapid rate, this play, and other stories like it,  play an important role in keeping these stories alive --- so that we never forget from generation to generation.

"....a lesson to the audience beyond the Holocaust.  I think this can be a great asset in delivering Holocaust histories to a wide range of audiences."

                                  ---------Harold Davis - B'nai B'rith #339

EVA SCHLOSS is a hero of our time.   Her strength, her determination, her continued hope and fight for survival during dark times are a lesson for us all.

Help to keep her story, and other stories like it, alive by booking the tri-state tour into your facility.

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