We offer several opportunities to schools, of all levels, for Educational Outreach in connection with IMAGES: Remembrances of the Holocaust - THE EVA SCHLOSS STORY.

First and foremost, is our comprehensive Study Guide that is designed to be used in conjunction with a viewing of the play.  This 17 page educational supplement is filled with information pertaining to not only the play but also to the Holocaust in general.



    --- Introduction of Eva Schloss

    --- Background on "Images"

    --- A Glossary of Holocaust Terms

                                                           --- Examining the play

                                                           --- Discussion topics on the play & the Holocaust

                                                           --- Projects to help further understanding

                                                           --- Books for further research

                                                           --- Films & documentaries for further research

                                                           --- Websites for further research

                                                           --- Contact Information

The Study Guide provides an excellent opportunity for students to work in groups or on their own to learn more about Eva Schloss, the play, and the Holocaust.  It also provides for students to interact with various projects which will stimulate discussion and understanding.  The Study Guide provides a wealth of information.

A second opportunity which we offer is for the actress playing Eva, along with the director and playwright of IMAGES to visit your classroom and discuss the play and the Holocaust directly with your students.  This visit is most effective if your students have already viewed the play but is also useful to students who have yet to see it.

Discussing and understanding what led to the Holocaust is a first step in helping to prevent similar atrocities in the future.  The Study Guide and / or our classroom visits can help to stimulate those discussions which will lead to understanding.

DON'T WAIT --- schedule a booking of this powerful show now, then contact us so that we can forward the Study Guide to you.  A recent poll has shown that Holocaust education in America is sadly lacking.  Take a first step in that education with IMAGES: Remembrances of the Holocaust - THE EVA SCHLOSS STORY.   

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